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        There are a lot of suggestions on the internet regarding the amount of Sabah Snake Grass to take for cancer sufferers. There are some who suggest that for those who have stage 4 cancers to take up to 300 or more leaves per day. I think this is quite a lot. We at
The YPL Tropical Herbal Farm Pantai, Seremban recommend at the most 100 leaves per day. The results are just as good. Taking more leaves per day is a wastage and taking 300 leaves or more may be too cooling and cause the patient to have weak knees.

We recommend the folllowing methods to take the leaves.


  • For normal people (Non cancer)                       -  10 or more leaves per day
  • Cancer Stage 1                                                 -  30 - 50  leaves in the morning and 30 - 50 leaves                      
  •                                                                             in the evening)
  • Cancer Stage 2                                                 -  50 - 70 leaves in the morning and 50 - 70 leaves in  
  •                                                                            the evening) 
  • Cancer Stage 3                                                -  70 - 100  leaves, once in the morning and 70 - 100 
  •                                                                            leaves once in the evening)
  • Cancer Stage 4                                                -  More than 100 leaves each time once in the 
  •                                                                            morning and again in the evening
METHOD 1 (For those with Stage 1 
1.      Wash 10 or more SSG leaves and chew them in the mouth. Eat them like salad or ‘ulam’ in Malay. 
2.        Take the 10 or more leaves 3 times a day. This will add up to 30 – 40 leaves per day. That’s all.
3.        This amount can be used for all cancer sufferers, whether they are stage 1 or stage 4.
4.        For those who are healthy they can also take the leaves the same way but take about 10 leaves per
           day. When taken they may reduce any tumours in the body. They are also very helpful for those who
           have kidney problems. The leaves are known to reduce blood sugar in the body and gives vitality.
           They are also known to promote cell growth, As far as I know there are no known toxicity in the
           leaves. For those who  take more than 300 leaves per day those who are weak may be too cooling
           for them
METHOD 2 (For those with stage 1 or Stage 2 cancer - 30 to 50 leaves )
   (For those with stage 3 or stage 4 cancer - 75 leaves)

The Sabah Snake Grass sold in  plastic lunch boxes.

 1.        Wash about 30 – 50  pieces of the SSG  leaves.

A green apple

2.      Wash and clean 1 green apple. Remove seeds. Keep the skin.

3.       Pour a half glass of clean plain water.

Use Half a glass of clean plain water.

4.        Put the 30 – 50 (75 leaves for stage 4 cancer) clean leaves, one green apple and a half 
           glass water into a blender or a juicer. Blend until finely.

A blender

A Juicer

5.        Blend the contents finely and pour them in to a glass.

A lemon
6.        Adding of ½ lemon is optional. . Click on Lemon to find out why lemon juice is good for 
A glass of finely blended Sabah Snake Grass
 with a green apple and a half glass of water.

7.        Drink the contents at once. Do not sieve.
8.        Repeat this in the evening before or after dinner. (One hour after dinner)

   We also have testimony from a lady who got thyroid cancer who took 50 leaves each time twice a day for 6 months and her thyroid cancer shrunk. And she is still continuing taking the SSG. For some people who find that taking this herb doesn't work may have to try an alternative method/herbs. Come to us for consultations (free). 

Pereskia bleo or Rose Cactus - 
 Bunga Jarum Tujuh Bilah - 
七星针 - Qi Xing Zhen.

9.        Some people try blending the leaves together with 2 leaves from the plant Pereskia bleo
            -  Rose Cactus - ( Bunga Jarum Tujuh Bilah ), 七星针 - Qi Xing Zhen.  Try this if the above
           doesn’t work.

Pereskia bleo or Rose Cactus -
 Bunga Jarum Tujuh Bilah  -  
七星针 - Qi Xing Zhen.




We have quite a crowd to-day. There were 4 buses and numerous cars. The visitors from the buses came mainly for a one day visit to Negeri Sembilan. They came to our farm because many were interested in herbs and some were just curious. 
Those that arrived by cars or MPVs came to buy the Clinacanthus nutans/Sabah Snake Grass leaves.  I think it is about 4 - 5 months since the news about the Sabah Snake Grass which can cure cancer broke out in the press and health magazines. Laely there were also a lot of news about people getting cured of cancer by eating the Sabah Snake Grass.  I shall put up here some of the cutting from the magazines.

The crowd during the weekend buying the Sabah Snake Grass
 but the tea bags were sold out
Front cover of a Chinese health magazine
Story of how she cured her father's cancer 
with the Sabah Snake Grass.
Best eaten raw - The Sabah Snake Grass
# This afternoon a couple of guys came to the farm, one of them whose brother took the SABAH SNAKE GRASS leaves for 3 months already. He had staged 4 liver cancer and was inoperable. After taking taking the leaves he felt better and continued taking for 3 months. The latest scan he took showed that it had shrunk to just a thumb size 90% of the cancer cells gone. The doctor now recommended surgery, but the patient is hesitant to go for surgery. #


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