Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Our YIK POH LING Tropical Herbal Farm  is located at  Batu 7, Jalan Jelebu, 71770 Pantai, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.  The size of our farm is approximately 13 hectares (34 acres). We have more than 500 varieties of herbs at our farm.  The The Yik Poh Ling Tropical Herbal Farm is open everyday including Sundays and public holidays. We are open from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm and entrance to visit the farm is free. Visitors are allowed to view and move around freely, and they are allowed to take as many number of photographs of the plants there as they like.

How to get there ..........

A. You can use the Google Map, locate by typing :
      YPL Herbal Farm - Pusat Pertanian Farm

1.  For those coming from the North-South Expressway, please exit at the Seremban South/Senawang Toll Plaza.

 2..After you have exited from the North-South Expressway through the Seremban South/Senawang Toll plaza, go straight following the LEKAS Highway/Kajang/KL  signboard. along the way.  You will pass through several traffic lights, petrol stations and shops. Go straight for about 4 - 5 km. Do not turn left or right.

3.  You shall come across The Giant Hypermarket on your right after travelling straight for 2 - 3 km. 

 4.  For another 1-2 km there are shops and banks on both sides of the road.

Shops on both sides of road
 5.  After travelling straight for 1 - 2 km, you shall come across Senawang Specialist Hospital on your right.
The Senawang Specialist Hospital

 6.  You shall then reach a junction. The road to the right is to Kuala Pilah and to the left is to Seremban town. Go straight which is the LEKAS Highway to Semenyih / Kajang / (Cheras) KL.

The Kuala Pilah / Seremban Junction. Go Straight to the LEKAS Highway 

 7.   Go straight towards LEKAS Expressway. After crossing the traffic light you shall see an overhead bridge.

  The overhead bridge at the LEKAS Highway

  8.  This will take you to the exit of the highway at Ampangan / Seremban / Jelebu exit after travelling for about 2 km.

Exit from the Lekas Highway by turning left.

   9.   You shall exit the expressway at Ampangan / Seremban/ Jelebu on seeing the signboard.

Turn left towards Jelebu

 10.   You shall come across a Rubber Conveyor Factory on your left.  

The Rubber Conveyor Belt Factory on your right.
11.     You shall then see the Veterinary Services Department on your left (The Jelita Ostrich Farm is also in there)

The Veterinary Services Department/Jelita Ostrich Farm
 12.   Immediately after that is the Sungai Terip Water Purification Plant on your right.

The water purification plant / Loji Pembersihan Air
   13.    The Pulai Garden, Hartini Nursery is on your right after travelling straight for about 1 km.

The Pulai Gardens / Hartini Nursery
 14.   You shall then reach a dangerous sharp junction.

Caution, Dangerous Junction
  15.     You have now reached our herbal farm. Our herbal farm is just after the junction. You    can see our signboard in green and red. 

The new signboard

  16.      The YPL Herbal Farm is on your left, immediately after the junction. 

The Entrance to our farm. Here you can see visitors leaving the farm.

 You have now arrived safely. Welcome to our Farm!!


  1. Hello I'm Rozibul from Bangladesh, I would like to visit end of June and first of July. I would like to collect the plant as well as leafs for cancer patient. would you like to give me any contact Phone no? Please let me know as early as possible. Please note my email rozibul@gmail.com, rozibul@yahoo.com and my ph no is +88 01730 013 090 thanks. waiting for your prompt reply

  2. I visit Farm on Aug 17,2013 and collect plant as well as tea and leafs

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  5. This looks like a great site to visit! Thanks for posting about the directions to the farm and including pictures, I’m sure it will be very helpful for the visitors.