Friday, March 8, 2013

Strobilanthes crispus Tea - Teh Pecah Beling

Our Strobilanthes Tea - It contains 20 tea-bags.
This is our new packing for Strobilanthes tea.

 Our Strobilanthes crispus tea consist of the following :

     1)  Strobilanthes crispus L. Bremek ( It belongs to the Acanthaceae family.It is a shrub and
          can grow up to a height of 8 feet (2.4 m) or more.)  - Common name : Black Face 

          Malay name : Pecah Beling, Keji.Beling,........................................... 50 %

Strobilanthes crispus - Black Faced General - Pecah Beling

    Functions (properties) of Strobilanthes crispus - 
   Parts used :  leaves and stems
         1.)   For cough relief,

         2.)   Removal of kidney stones and gall stones,

         3.)   It has very strong anti-cancer properties

         4.)   Urinary bladder problems (pain during urination)

Strobilanthes crispus - Black Faced General - Pecah Beling
Strobilanthes crispus - Black Faced General - Pecah Beling - Shrubs
2)  CLINACANTHUS NUTANS or known locally as Sabah  Snake Grass, Chinese - You Dun
     Cao, Malay - Belalai Gajah or Mulut Buaya. 

The Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus nutans) - Belalai Gajah

The Strobilanthes crispus tea has......................
Clinacanthus nutans (Burm. f.) Lindau....................25 %. 

This plant is also known locally as Sabah Snake Grass (not to be confused with snake grass which is bitter) In Malay it is called Belalai Gajah, some called it Mulut Buaya, You Dun Cao or Sha Ba She Cao, The Indonesians called it Dandang Gendis, The Thais called it Phaya-Yor. The plant can easily be planted. They are mainly planted by stem cuttings. They need a fairly amount of organic fertilizer such as compost, well dried manure from chicken, cattle or goat. They also need a fairly good drainage and plenty of shade. A fairly amount of fertilizer will do a world of good for the plant.

The Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus nutans) - Belalai Gajah

The functions and properties of Clinacanthus nutans (sabah Snake Grass) :

     1.)   The whole plant can be used including leaves, stems and roots.

     2.)   Inflammation of the liver, jaundice

     3.)   Febrifuge - to reduce fever

     4.)   Good for bone fractures

     5.)   It has very strong anti-cancer properties.

     6.)   Anti-dote for various toxins.

Close-up of the leaves of The Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus nutans) - Belalai Gajah

Harvesting of Sabah Snake Grass leaves
3. )  Orthosiphon aristatus - Synonym - Orthosiphon stamineus,  Ocimum Aristatum BI.,common name - Java tea, Chinese name - Mao Xu Cao - 貓鬚草, Malay name -  Misai kucing, Cat’s Whiskers..............................25 %

        The plant is anodyne, antibacterial, deobstruent, diuretic, emmenagogue, parasiticide and refrigerant. It is used in the treatment of hookworm. The juice of the plant is cooling and is used to relieve fevers, coughs and colds. The aroma of the inhaled plant is breathed in to treat coughs and colds. The juice of the root is used in the treatment of gastric troubles.

The Purple Variety - Cat's Whiskers - Java Tea - Misai Kuching

 The White Variety - Cat's Whiskers - Java Tea - Misai Kuching
The Purple and White Variety - Cat's Whiskers - Java Tea - Misai Kuching
 This plant is best used for treating the ailments or problems of kidney and bladder due to it's mild diuretic action. It is believed to have anti-allergenic, antihypertensive, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.It is used as a remedy for kidney stone and nephretis. It is also used for treating gout, diabetes, hypertension and rheumatism. It is also reported to possess anti-fungal and it exhibits considerable antibacterial activity.


The Strobilanthes Tea. (Hei Mian Jiang Juin Ca)

  # This tea is our product and we recommend this tea for those who have tumour or cancer, this tea may just be as good as the fresh leaves of SSG. We have received positive  feed-backs from all those who took this herbal tea.  For all those who have cancer, you can try this tea or in combination with the fresh leaves of SSG. This is especially for those (overseas) who have difficulties in getting the fresh Sabah Snake Grass leaves.  The price is MYR30.00 per packet from the farm. For shipping there will be a little surcharge. #


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  3. Hi, good day! I am Lecturer from Taylor's University. I am trying to study the medicinal properties of Strobilanthes crispus. May I know whether do you sell any live plants of Strobilanthes crispus?